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The rain and shine of life when it takes an unexpected turn.

Tim and Rachel return from working abroad as a doctor and nurse. Their life is unfolding with reassuring predictability until Rachel finds herself sitting in the darkness of a newly decorated nursery, unable to feel her unborn baby move. Suddenly everything is turned upside down as their newborn teeters on the brink of life and death.

Within weeks, they are catapulted into a world of brain damage and on a road to cerebral palsy, epilepsy and palliative care. Instead of embarking on the new adventure of motherhood, Rachel helplessly watches her future slip through her fingers like dry sand.
Rachel’s personal and evocative narrative exposes the heart of being forced to live an unexpected life. Her story will make you laugh and cry as she shares her experiences of grappling with healing, forgiveness, grief and her faith.

“Like creating a mosaic from shattered tiles, my life is made up of broken pieces fashioned together into something priceless and more beautiful.”

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About The Author

Rachel Wright Published Author


Rachel lives in Southend with her husband, Tim, and their three sons, Sam, Jonah and Ethan.

She passes time by loving wonderful boys, doing laundry, picking up Lego (and other items) off the floor, having tea with her mum and Doreen, writing, and occasionally working as a diabetes practice nurse.

She loves hearing people’s stories and encouraging others with her own family’s story; either by talking to individuals, large groups, or through her blog www.bornattherighttime.co.uk.

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Don’t Call Me Mum!

‘Don’t call me Mum’ Awareness Day has been set up by parents who get irritated by being called ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ in meetings and appointments about their children.

We ask that practitioners call parents by their first name. In doing so they are making a simple step toward acknowledging the valuable participation parents make in every child’s care and education.

To find out more and buy your campaign pack, please click here.

Training Professionals and Speaking Events As well as writing, Rachel trains professionals about caring for families with children with complex disabilities and life-limiting conditions. Being a trained nurse and parent, means she has insight into what life is like on both sides of the bed.

skies-im-underUnderstanding the family’s perspective helps professionals communicate with parents and children more effectively

Testimonies from training sessions at East Anglian Children’s Hospice 2017

98% trainers found the training extremely useful.

This session is a must.’

‘So relevant and helpful. Probably the most insightful training I have been on.’

‘This session is invaluable for anyone caring for children and young people accessing our service.’

‘Fantastic, engaging, thought provoking and insightful training.’

‘A fantastic presentation that really was a true eye opener.’

‘Really great, well-presented presentation. Lots of food for thought!’

‘Excellent – really engaging presentation.’

‘Very informative and valuable session.’

‘So interesting and worthwhile.’

‘We need more time on this.’

As well as training, Rachel is a keen parent advocate. She can be booked to speak at conferences and lead parent workshops.



You can read some of the many great reviews for ‘The Skies I’m Under’ here or on our Amazon book page.

‘The Skies I’m Under’ is available to buy direct from this site, as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, GoogleBooks and local bookshops in the UK. The reviews collected here come from all of these sources.

  • A book that makes you think, cry, question and smile

    it is difficult to do justice in reviewing such an amazing book where Rachel shares her heart and life concerning her journey since having become a mum. Not the journey she was expecting, hard but not the same as bad she concludes.

    It feels as if you are her friend that she is confiding in and other than the emotions attached to such a story it is very easy to read, with fairly short chapters if you only have a few minutes to read at a time. There is great wisdom within these pages, but handed over in a natural conversational way that causes you to pause and just re read that last sentence that you read as you recognise its truth.

    This is a book for anybody and everybody that we can learn how we can help and not hinder each other on our journeys through life.A book that makes you think, cry, question and smile

  • A Great Debut

    A well written book that highlights the lows, as well as highs, of bringing a child up with disabilities. Thought provoking and shows you that true strength and beauty can come from any situation.

  • A beautifully written story about finding life and hope in unexpected places

    A moving, heartbreaking, joy-giving, hope-filled, brilliant book about what it’s really like when life is turned upside down and all your expectations are shattered.

    I love how this book doesn’t accept the easy answers that can explain difficult things away by saying that everything happens for a reason or things will be alright in the end – sometimes the difficulties don’t go away, but this book is all about the reality of living amongst the messiness and the chaos and finding joy and laughter and beauty in the midst of it all anyway.

    I hope that this book will encourage others who are walking similar (and different) roads as parents of children with disabilities – and I know it also has the power to help others to gain more understanding and be able to support friends and families around them who are struggling. Addressing the big questions of life in a down-to-earth, everyday way, this story will make you laugh and cry, and more importantly, change the way you look at the world.

  • Amazingly honest real life story

    Rachel writes so very honestly about her personal journey into motherhood. It's well written, moving and yes it may make you shed a tear as you read of the difficulties that Rachel and her family have encountered over the last ten years.

    It's a brilliant first book from this wonderful author. You won't be disappointed with this.

  • Beautiful, authentic and wholehearted.

    Beautiful, authentic and wholehearted. Most people will never deal with the heartaches and joys of parenting a child with complex disabilities. In her powerful book Rachel Wright provides the reader with an opportunity to look through the window of her experience, challenging and inspiring us in equal measure.

    Her writing style is real and easygoing, her intense narrative is punctuated with wit and humour. Whether you can closely identify with the Wright's story or not, you will be inspired by their authentic faith, their courage, and their devotion to one-another and their children. You will also be encouraged as you learn to love the skies you're under.

  • Inspirational

    A truly inspirational book. Once started I found it so difficult to put down. A story about 2 parents, Rachel and Tim and their journey after their severely disabled son, Sam, was born. It is beautifully written giving insight into the highs and lows of their journey.

    Yes ........... A truly inspirational story. A must read!

  • The journey takes you along with them...

    This true life story is very poignant and so full with all the immense difficulties and emotions when faced with a severely brain damaged child. The complexities are endless and ongoing but what shines through is their utter devotion and resilience under such circumstances.

    The journey takes you along with them and you can really 'feel' every moment as it is written sharing so much pain and also so much joy.

  • I couldn't put this down!

    This is an extremely moving work by a talented writer narrating her experience of life with a disabled child. Rachel writes beautifully. I couldn't put it down. She bravely exposes her own vulnerability and frailty in a way with which I could empathise. This would make a wonderful film - it has the necessary ingredients - love, hurt, pain but at the end of it all happiness and fulfilment.

  • Ray Travasso, Music Therapist, The Treehouse, East Anglias Children's Hospices

    Rachel Wight's 'The Skies I'm Under' is a truly brave and remarkable insight to the life of a family living with a child with a life-threatening condition. Rachel's honest style and personal account is shared in an inspirational and heart-warming book. This is a powerful book and it has the potential to change people's perceptions, enable better ways of working and ultimately, help hospice staff to better understand how to care for families. This book should be read by anyone who works or is interested in children's palliative care. The book can be used as a teaching and discussion tool for staff teams, volunteers and also families.

  • Tracy Williamson. MBM Trust

    'A powerful and compelling account that inspires you to search your own heart to find the hidden depths of courage, love and hope as Rachel has. I would recommend this book to all.'

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