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‘Don’t Call Me Mum’ Support Packages


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‘Don’t call me Mum’ Awareness Day has been set up by parents who would like to be called by their names rather than ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ in meetings and appointments about their children.

The aim of the ‘Don’t call me Mum’ is to ask that practitioners call parents by their preferred name. In doing so they are making a simple step toward acknowledging the valuable participation parents make in every child’s care, assessment and education.

Campaign aims

  • We see parents as partners.
  • We recognise that every consultation, assessment and provision has the best outcome when the views and opinions of parents are shared and respected..
  • We see parents as experts in their children, with specific skills, knowledge and perspective.
  • We acknowledge that effective communication between professionals and parents is essential in ensuring the best outcome for families..

‘Don’t call me Mum’ Packs:
The Don’t Call Me Mum Support Pack includes badges and flyers to share with your local community and show your support to use a parent’s preferred name. You can choose the most appropriate size pack for your group, company, school, company or Local Authority.

badge_dcmmCampaign Pack Sizes:
For you and your friends: Includes 10 badges, flyers and a campaign poster

For your Community/PTA: Includes 30 badges, Flyers, Campaign Posters

For your business, school, Children with Disabilities department: Includes 50 badges, flyers and campaign posters

Extra Large
For your Company, Hospital or Local authority: Includes 100 badges, flyers, campaign posters.

The right to show your support for parents and families by using our logo on your website and literature.

You can find out more about the campaign on the dedicated website: www.dontcallmemum.com.

Additional Information

Pack Size

Small, Medium (PTA, Community), Large (Single School, Business, Department), Extra Large (Hospital, Local Authority), Corporate


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